Investment Casting Stainless Steel Turbine Pump Housing

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Turbine Pump Housing

The advantages and disadvantages of its performance, also represents the advantages and disadvantages of pump performance, sewage pump anti - clogging performance, efficiency, and cavitation performance, anti - abrasion performance is mainly by the impeller and water chamber two components to ensure.

Product Details

Our organization has a top quality assurance procedure have already been established for Aluminum Automotive Cylinder Head, Gravity Casting Base, Aluminum Exhaust Manifold. We pay attention to the quality and details and every process is step by step and adhere to the quality to shape our brand. Welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to call and negotiate.

Product description, features and application domain information

Exhaust pump housing.By the fast rotating impeller on the liquid force, the mechanical energy will be transferred to the liquid, so that its kinetic energy and pressure energy increase, and then through the pump cylinder, will be most of the kinetic energy into pressure energy and achieve transport.Power pump is also known as impeller pump or vane pump.Some power pump has a main impeller and a secondary impeller at the same time, centrifugal pump is the most common power pump.The head generated by the dynamic pump at a certain speed has a limited value, and the head changes with the flow;Stable operation, continuous conveying, no pulsation of flow and pressure;Generally, there is no self-priming capacity, the pump needs to be filled with liquid or the pipeline into a vacuum before starting to work;Wide range of applicable performance;Suitable for conveying small viscosity of clean liquid.Impeller, pressurized water chamber, is the sewage pump two core components.Impeller structure is divided into four categories: vane type (open, closed), swirling, flow channel type, (including single channel and double channel) spiral centrifugal type four.The advantages and disadvantages of its performance, also represents the advantages and disadvantages of pump performance, sewage pump anti - clogging performance, efficiency, and cavitation performance, anti - abrasion performance is mainly by the impeller and water chamber two components to ensure.

Basic Parameter

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name


Model Number

Pump parts


Aluminum., Aluminum


A356 A360 AC2C

Heat treatment

T6 Heat treatment

Applied software

Auto CAD,Solid Work




ISO/TS16949: 2009

Surface finished

Sandblasting, Painting, Polishing, Poweder Coating

Machining equipments

Gravity Casting machine -23 Sets

Main products

Intake Manifold series,Cylinder Head series


OEM service available




customer required

Supply capacity and package transportation

2000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging Details

With customers' orders



Company strength profile


We are now supplied to BEIQI,YUCAI,BRILLIANCE,GEELY,LIFAN and famous supporting enterprise ,products are exported to the United States ,Germany ,Brazil and other countries.



We have accumulated a lot of experience in aluminum casting over the years.Each process has a professional staff to operate.

Pneumatic marking machine is a computer controlled printing needle in X, Y two-dimensional plane according to a certain trajectory movement, while the printing needle under the action of compressed air do high-frequency impact motion, so as to print on the workpiece with a certain depth of marks.Main features of pneumatic marking machine: it has a large depth, direct marking output through the computer, marking neat and clear;Main typical applications: auto parts, instrumentation, machinery, automotive, signage and other industries.Pneumatic marking machine: the computer controls the printing needle to move according to a certain trajectory in the two-dimensional plane of X and Y. At the same time, the printing needle makes high-frequency impact movement under the action of compressed air, thus printing marks with certain depth on the workpiece.Pneumatic marking machine - marking features: a large depth, through the computer directly marking output.A variety of fonts, marking neat and clear. Pneumatic marking machine - marking material: any metal or non-metal.Typical applications: auto parts, nameplates, signs, etc.

Quality control

We have professional testing personnel to use a variety of equipment to control the quality of products

High temperature box type resistance furnace, heating appliance with fast heating rate.The furnace is designed with special ceramic fiber material and patented technology.It not only has the characteristics of fast heating rate, but also has the unique characteristics of long-term non-collapse, high-temperature non-powder, and non-crack.

The control system adopts modular structure, long life design of key components, high temperature control precision, stable and reliable.

Programmable to meet the requirements of continuous constant temperature and temperature control for 50 periods to achieve automatic temperature rise and constant temperature, with PID self-tuning function, with manual/automatic switching without interference and overtemperature alarm function, with temperature compensation and temperature correction function.

Save energy by more than 50%.

Temperature stability ±1℃

Technical strength

We have a strong professional technical team and r & d strength, as well as a variety of certificates.


1.What do you mainly produce?

We only make aluminum products.Mainly is the automobile cylinder head, the intake manifold, the robot parts, the water pump fittings and each kind of aluminum industry parts.

2.What should I prepare if I have a product to produce and need to quote?

Tell us your annual consumption,Send us the 2d and 3d drawings of the product you want to produce,Then we will give you a quote based on this information.

Our enhancement depends around the sophisticated devices, exceptional talents and repeatedly strengthened technology forces for Investment Casting Stainless Steel Turbine Pump Housing. We are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. We aim to provide our customers with superior products and perfect services, and become a trusted partner of many brand customers.
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