Custom Processing Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Device Outdoor Aluminum Profile Metal Distribution Box for EV Controller Housing Electrical Enclosure House

Custom Processing Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Device Outdoor Aluminum Profile Metal Distribution Box for EV Controller Housing Electrical Enclosure House

The combined logic controller is cumbersome and complex in design, and once the design is complete, it cannot be modified or extended, but it is fast.

Product Details

After years of development, we have become a professional manufacturer of Cylinder Head Of Gasoline Engine, Gravity Cast Intake Manifold, Aluminum Gravity Casting Engine Head. Looking forward to the future, there is a long way to go. We will make more brilliant achievements by adhering to the tenet of 'professional technology and perfect service'. Our company adheres to the principle of honest management, and always regards credibility as the foundation of enterprise survival and development. In the course of business, we are brave to innovate, continue to accept challenges, and join hands with partners to create a win-win situation. Any inquiry or comment is highly appreciated. Our corporate culture embodies our values of customer-centricity, cooperation and unity, integrity, innovation and enterprising everywhere. In terms of enterprise development, our company constantly promotes the scientific management process, implements the talent strategic planning, and strives to achieve the grand strategic goal of the enterprise.

Product description, features and application domain information

Aluminum alloy controller box.Controller (English name: controller) refers to the main command device that changes the connection of the main circuit or control circuit and changes the resistance value in the circuit to control the start, speed regulation, braking and reverse of the motor in a predetermined order.Composed of program counter, instruction register, instruction decoder, time series generator and operation controller, it is the "decision-making body" that issues the command, that is to complete the coordination and command of the operation of the whole computer system.The controller consists of logic controller and microprogram controller.The combined logic controller is cumbersome and complex in design, and once the design is complete, it cannot be modified or extended, but it is fast.Microprogram controller is easy to design, simple structure, easy to modify or expand, modify the function of a machine instruction, only need to reprogram the corresponding microprogram;To add a machine instruction, you simply add a microprogram to the control memory, but it does so by executing a microprogram.The comparison is as follows: the combined logic controller, also known as the hard-wired controller, is composed of logic circuits and relies entirely on hardware to realize the functions of instructions.

Basic Parameter

Place of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number


Heat treatment

T6 Heat treatment..

Applied software

Pro/E,Auto CAD,Solid Work ,CAXA


A356 A360 AC2C


From 0.05kg to 20kg



Surface finished

Sandblasting, painting, polishing

Machining equipments

Gravity Casting machine -23 Sets

water pump for air conditioner

motor pump

Main products

Intake Manifold series,Cylinder Head series


OEM service available


Supply capacity and package transportation

10000 Piece/Pieces per Year

Packaging Details

Protective,bubble pack ,carton, pallet



Company strength profile


We are now supplied to BEIQI,YUCAI,BRILLIANCE,GEELY,LIFAN and famous supporting enterprise ,products are exported to the United States ,Germany ,Brazil and other countries.



We have accumulated a lot of experience in aluminum casting over the years.Each process has a professional staff to operate.

Pneumatic tapping machine is the use of high pressure air as power, when the high pressure air access after tapping motor by a pressure regulator, pressure, high pressure air inlet valve and directional button component into the motor, drive motor rotor blade axial spinning force, after the rotor movement by the gear pair output variable speed is more convenient and efficient tapping products.The application field is suitable for automobile or motorcycle body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and various mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valves, fasteners and other parts processing.

Tapping machine is a kind of machine shell, equipment end face, nut, flange and other kinds of different specifications of the through hole or blind hole parts of the hole processing out of the internal thread, screw or called the mechanical processing equipment.

Quality control

We have professional testing personnel to use a variety of equipment to control the quality of products

The bearing is lubricated with thin oil, which effectively reduces the bearing temperature and increases the bearing life.

With the same screen area, the output of elliptical vibrating screen can be increased by 1.3-2 times.

Thin oil shaker with high capacity and screening efficiency;The vibrator is lubricated with thin bearing oil and has an eccentric structure of external block.It is characterized by high excitation force, small bearing load, low temperature and low noise, etc. (bearing temperature rise is less than 35°);The whole vibrator is disassembled, easy to maintain and replace, which greatly shortens the overhaul period (it only takes 1-2 hours to replace the vibrator).The side plate of screen machine adopts the whole plate cold working, no welding, high strength and long service life.The connection between the beam and the side plate is connected with torsion-resistant shear high-strength bolt, without welding, and the beam is easy to replace.The sieve machine adopts rubber spring to reduce vibration, compared with the metal spring, it has the advantages of low noise, long life, stable through the common vibration zone, and small fulcrum load of the sieve machine.The motor is connected with the exciter by flexible coupling, which has the advantages of long service life and little impact on the motor.

This screening machine series is widely used in coal, metallurgy, hydropower, mining, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, port and other industries grading operations.

Technical strength

We have a strong professional technical team and r & d strength, as well as a variety of certificates.


1.What do you mainly produce?

We only make aluminum products.Mainly is the automobile cylinder head, the intake manifold, the robot parts, the water pump fittings and each kind of aluminum industry parts.

2.What should I prepare if I have a product to produce and need to quote?

Tell us your annual consumption,Send us the 2d and 3d drawings of the product you want to produce,Then we will give you a quote based on this information.

In order to speed up the pace of our company's development and expand brand awareness, we sincerely hope to establish close cooperation and win-win relations with enterprises and individual groups from all walks of life, and jointly develop the Custom Processing Sheet Metal Fabrication Stamping Device Outdoor Aluminum Profile Metal Distribution Box for EV Controller Housing Electrical Enclosure House market. Since our establishment, we have been advocating the service concept of 'respect ourselves and respect customers', and form loyal partners with customers at home and abroad to develop together and create brilliant industry together! We try our best to build a modern enterprise with unique and quality products.
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