Custom A356 T6 Aluminum Casting Auto Pump Housing/Body

Custom A356 T6 Aluminum Casting Auto Pump Housing/Body

In short, whether it is aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, drilling, mining, trains, ships, or daily life, there are pumps everywhere, there are pumps running everywhere.Exactly so, so the pump as a general machinery, it is a major product in the machinery industry.

Product Details

We now have several exceptional workers customers good at marketing, QC, and working with types of troublesome trouble during the creation system for Air Compressor Aluminum Pump Housing, CNC Aluminum Alloy Accessories, 4-axis Connecting Rod. We believe that product quality not only depends on technology and reliability, but also on mature design and perfect use functions. Our research group experiments on various developments during the industry for improvement within the solutions. We implement lean production workshop management system, create an green environment, improve quality, and shape corporate image.

Product description, features and application domain information

Aluminum alloy pump casing.In the department of chemical and oil production, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are liquid, and the raw material, semi-finished products and finished products need to go through complex processes, pumping play in these processes for conveying liquid and provide the role of the pressure of the chemical reaction flow, in addition, also used in many gear pump to adjust temperature.In agricultural production, pump is the main irrigation and drainage machinery.Pumps are also the most used equipment in the mining and metallurgical industries.A mine needs pumps for drainage, and pumps for water supply during dressing, smelting, and rolling.In the power sector, nuclear power plants need nuclear main pumps, secondary pumps, tertiary pumps, thermal power plants need a large number of boiler feed pumps, condensing pumps, oil and gas mixing pumps, circulation pumps and ash pumps.In the construction of national defense, the adjustment of aircraft flaps, tail rudder and landing gear, the rotation of warships and tanks turret, the submersible and so on need to use pumps.High pressure and radioactive liquid, some also require the pump without any leakage, etc.In short, whether it is aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, drilling, mining, trains, ships, or daily life, there are pumps everywhere, there are pumps running everywhere.Exactly so, so the pump as a general machinery, it is a major product in the machinery industry.

Basic Parameter

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name


Model Number

Pump parts


Aluminum., Aluminum


A356 A360 AC2C

Heat treatment

T6 Heat treatment

Applied software

Auto CAD,Solid Work




ISO/TS16949: 2009

Surface finished

Sandblasting, Painting, Polishing, Poweder Coating

Machining equipments

Gravity Casting machine -23 Sets

Main products

Intake Manifold series,Cylinder Head series


OEM service available




customer required

Supply capacity and package transportation

2000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging Details

With customers' orders



Company strength profile


We are now supplied to BEIQI,YUCAI,BRILLIANCE,GEELY,LIFAN and famous supporting enterprise ,products are exported to the United States ,Germany ,Brazil and other countries.



We have accumulated a lot of experience in aluminum casting over the years.Each process has a professional staff to operate.

Compared with the ink-jet marking method, the advantages of laser marking engraving lie in the wide range of applications, a variety of materials (metal, glass, ceramics, plastic, leather, etc.) can be permanently marked with high quality.There is no force on the surface of the workpiece, no mechanical deformation, no corrosion on the surface of the material.

Can carve a variety of non - metallic materials.Used in garment accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

Quality control

We have professional testing personnel to use a variety of equipment to control the quality of products

It usually consists of the optical part, the lighting part and the mechanical part.No doubt the optical part is the most critical, it consists of the eyepiece and the objective.As early as 1590, eyewear makers in the Netherlands and Italy had built microscope-like magnifying instruments.There are many kinds of optical microscopes, including bright field microscope (ordinary optical microscope), dark field microscope, fluorescence microscope, phase contrast microscope, laser scanning confocal microscope, polarizing microscope, differential interference differential microscope and inverted microscope.

Technical strength

We have a strong professional technical team and r & d strength, as well as a variety of certificates.


1. The date of delivery

If the mold needs to be opened, the development time of the mold will be about one month. With the production of the product, the delivery time will be about 45-60 days.If there is already a mold, there is no need to redevelop the mold. The delivery date is about 25-30 days.

2. Packaging and transportation

We can customize the package according to the customer's requirements.In terms of transportation, we can arrange the logistics company to deliver the goods to the port designated by the customer.

3. What countries are currently cooperating

At present, the main countries our company cooperates with are the United States, Denmark, France and the customers abroad are mainly concentrated in the United States.A small number are in India.

4. Mode of export trade

All products exported by our company are exported on FOB basis. If the customer has other requirements, we can also communicate and make changes according to the specific needs of the customer.

We use excellent production equipment, advanced production technology and scientific management methods to ensure the excellent quality of our Custom A356 T6 Aluminum Casting Auto Pump Housing/Body. Over the years, we have been committed to using our strong economic strength, affordable product prices and considerate services to meet customer needs, hoping to establish long-term partnerships with customers. We strictly manage the company with new technology, high standards and high quality, and satisfy consumers with perfect design, preferential prices and high-quality after-sales service, so as to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.
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