Aluminum Die Casting for Engine Covers

Aluminum Die Casting for Engine Covers

Therefore, valve seat ring and conduit hole should have good high temperature wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat transfer, high temperature strength, high temperature creep resistance and thermal expansion coefficient matching the cylinder head.

Product Details

We have now probably the most innovative production equipment, experienced and qualified engineers and workers, regarded high quality control systems and also a friendly expert income team pre/after-sales support for Multi Port Intake Manifold, Gravity Cast Aluminum Housing, Diesel Heavy Truck Intake Manifold. The company keeps service-oriented concept, and we will unswervingly adhere to our service policy and wholeheartedly strive to provide users with more competitive products and solutions. In order to ensure the quality of products and services, and to go abroad, our enterprises adopt strict quality management. We recruit a variety of professional and skilled personnel, and conduct comprehensive training and examination of employees. Through certain system design, we can maintain the market order of equal competition, restrain the negative externality of our company's behavior, and encourage our company's behavior with positive externality.

Product description, features and application domain information

Engine cover aluminum automobile is one of the most critical parts in the engine, its precision requirements are high, processing technology is complex, the quality of processing directly affects the overall performance and quality of the engine, therefore, the engine cylinder cover processing is particularly important, the key parts of the valve seat ring and pipe hole processing is the most important.Engine inlet and exhaust valve seat is an important work for control of gas suction and exhaust discharge unit, it will at high temperature in the working process of the air flow through the erosion of friction and impact of the valve, the working conditions are very bad, the normal work, the valve seat (600 ~ 800 ℃) for a long time under high temperature, high temperature gas corrosion and deformation factors such as damage to the valve guide and seat cone, the valve seal is lax, a great deal of energy with high temperature gas discharge and waste, to reduce the power of the engine.Therefore, valve seat ring and conduit hole should have good high temperature wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat transfer, high temperature strength, high temperature creep resistance and thermal expansion coefficient matching the cylinder head.

Basic Parameter

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name


Model Number

Auto Cylinder Head

Surface finished

Sandblasting, painting, polishing

Heat treatment

T6 heat treatment


A356 A360 AC2C

Product weight

From 0.05kg to 20kg

Machining equipments

Gravity Casting machine -23 Sets

Main products

Intake Manifold,Cylinder Head,Pump series

Supply capacity and package transportation

100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging Details




Company strength profile


We are now supplied to BEIQI,YUCAI,BRILLIANCE,GEELY,LIFAN and famous supporting enterprise ,products are exported to the United States ,Germany ,Brazil and other countries.



We have accumulated a lot of experience in aluminum casting over the years.Each process has a professional staff to operate.

A quenching furnace is a furnace in which the workpiece is heated before quenching.Quenching is to put the workpiece into the furnace to heat the quenching temperature above the critical point and keep the same for a period of time, and then quickly remove the workpiece from the furnace into the quench (oil or water) quenching.The heat source of the furnace can be electricity and fuel, the temperature can be measured by thermocouple.Electric and gas, liquid fuel furnace, can be used to automatically control and adjust the temperature.A vertical quenching furnace designed by nonferrous metal processing design and research institute can be used for quenching aluminum alloy extruded products, but the maximum length of the material can not be more than 8 meters, practical in small and medium aluminum processing plants, the annual processing capacity of 1000 tons.The furnace is divided into five heating sections with a maximum heating power of 300 kilowatts and a total power of 424 kilowatts with ancillary equipment.

Quality control

We have professional testing personnel to use a variety of equipment to control the quality of products

Tensile test is a test method for determining the properties of materials under axial tensile load.Elastic limit, elongation, modulus of elasticity, proportional limit, area reduction, tensile strength, yield point, yield strength and other tensile properties of materials can be determined by the data obtained from tensile tests.Creep data can be obtained from tensile tests at high temperatures.See the ASTM E-8 standard for the procedure for tensile testing of metals.See ASTM d-638, d-2289 (high strain rate), and d-882 (sheet material) for methods of tensile testing of plastics.The ASTM d-2343 standard prescribes tensile test methods for fiberglass;ASTM d-897 specifies the tensile test method applicable to the binder;The ASTM d-412 standard specifies the tensile test method for hard rubber.

Technical strength

We have a strong professional technical team and r & d strength, as well as a variety of certificates.


1.What do you mainly produce?

We only make aluminum products.Mainly is the automobile cylinder head, the intake manifold, the robot parts, the water pump fittings and each kind of aluminum industry parts.

2.What should I prepare if I have a product to produce and need to quote?

Tell us your annual consumption,Send us the 2d and 3d drawings of the product you want to produce,Then we will give you a quote based on this information.

In order to ensure that each Aluminum Die Casting for Engine Covers exceeds customer needs, we use a rigorous quality management system to control every link. Welcome to visit us at any time for business relationship established. 'All for users, all from innovation' is our company's business policy.
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