Exhaust Pump Shell

Exhaust Pump Shell

Exhaust pump shell.As the power equipment in the process of water treatment, pump plays the role of sewage lifting, conveying and pharmaceutical metering work, its importance is self-evident, in some key links of the pump equipment once problems, will affect the whole body.

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As the power equipment in the water treatment process, the pump plays the role of sewage lifting, transportation and drug measurement, and its importance is self-evident. The Exhaust Pump Shell is used to pump out air so that we can fill the pump with water before starting the pump for the first time. Here's how it works, the rectifier block is distributed at the inlet and outlet side of the impeller cavity, which makes the velocity of the medium discharge more stable, and the impact force on the pump shell is reduced, thus improving the service life of the Exhaust Pump Shell. The medium is driven by the impeller along the flow channel, and in the forward process, the flow speed of the medium will be appropriately reduced under the action of the rectifier block. When the pump is working, the exhaust channel can be opened to clean the air in the impeller chamber, so that a better vacuum environment can be formed and work efficiency will be greatly improved. If you are interested in our Exhaust Pump Shell, please feel free to contact us.

Basic Parameter

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name


Model Number

Pump parts


Aluminum., Aluminum


A356 A360 AC2C

Heat treatment

T6 Heat treatment

Applied software

Auto CAD,Solid Work




ISO/TS16949: 2009

Surface finished

Sandblasting, Painting, Polishing, Poweder Coating

Machining equipments

Gravity Casting machine -23 Sets

Main products

Intake Manifold series,Cylinder Head series


OEM service available




customer required


Supply capacity and package transportation

2000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging Details

With customers' orders



Company strength profile


We are now supplied to BEIQI,YUCAI,BRILLIANCE,GEELY,LIFAN and famous supporting enterprise ,products are exported to the United States ,Germany ,Brazil and other countries.



We have accumulated a lot of experience in aluminum casting over the years.Each process has a professional staff to operate.

Semiconductor pumped laser marking machine pumps Nd: YAG medium with a wavelength of 0.808um semiconductor laser diode (side or end), so that the medium produces a large number of reversed particles under the action of the Q switch to form a giant pulse laser output with a wavelength of 1.064um, which has high electro-optic conversion efficiency.Semiconductor pump laser marking machine and lamp pump YAG just marking machine has better stability, power saving, do not need to change the lamp, and other advantages, the price is relatively high.Mainly consists of laser, lens, marking card of three parts, using production laser marking machine, fiber laser beam quality good, the output center is 1064 nm, the whole life in 100000 hours, compared with other types of laser marking machine live longer, electro-optic conversion efficiency is 28% in, relative to other types of laser marking machine conversion efficiency of 2% 10% of the huge advantage, outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.

Quality control

We have professional testing personnel to use a variety of equipment to control the quality of products

Technical strength

We have a strong professional technical team and r & d strength, as well as a variety of certificates.

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