What Do You Need To Avoid For Car Cylinder Heads?

First, avoid becoming "dirty": water tank radiators, air-cooled engine block and cylinder head radiators, cooler radiators and other parts are too dirty, which will lead to poor heat dissipation and high temperature of the automobile cylinder head. Therefore, such "dirty" parts must be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner.

Second, avoid excessive heat: too high temperature of the cylinder head piston of the car will easily lead to overheating and melting, which will cause the holding of the cylinder, rubber seals, triangle tape, tires and other overheating, easy to premature aging, performance degradation, shorten the service life; The coils of electrical equipment such as generators, regulators, etc. are overheated and easily burned and scrapped; vehicle bearings should be kept at an appropriate temperature. If overheated, the lubricant will deteriorate quickly, eventually causing the bearings to burn out and vehicle damage.

3. Avoid "strings": The mating parts of automobile cylinder heads are specially processed and ground in pairs during manufacture. The fits are very precise. They are always used in pairs during the life of the product, and must not be interchanged. Some cooperating parts, such as the pistons and cylinder liners, bearing pads and journals, valves and valve seats, connecting rod head covers and shafts in automobile cylinder heads, are relatively well matched after a period of friction, and are being repaired. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the assembly in pairs, do not "knock on each other".