What Can Be Done To Repair The Cylinder Head 2

2. Cold welding method

The only difference between the cold welding method and the hot welding method is the workpiece. The hot welding method requires the workpiece to be heated and preheated in advance: while the cold welding method does not require this step, it will directly use acetylene gas or electric welding tools Welding. Engine parts companies remind owners that these two methods have their own advantages, and must be combined with their own conditions when choosing.

The second, inorganic binder repair method

Repairing a cylinder head crack with an adhesive is undoubtedly the most convenient method. Engine parts companies recommend this method for owners who are busy and don't have much free time. Because the inorganic adhesive has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, it is used to repair the cracks on the bottom surface of the cylinder head.

In addition, engine parts companies have to remind everyone that the cracks on the cylinder head are different in size. The larger cracks can be identified by the naked eye and can be repaired by themselves; however, some small cracks cannot be identified with the naked eye and are often ignored by car owners. At this time, professional technicians need to be repaired.