What Can Be Done To Repair The Cylinder Head

As a member of the engine parts, the cylinder head is often passively subjected to large mechanical and thermal loads, resulting in the occurrence of cracks. According to the introduction of the engine parts manufacturing company, even if the relatively good quality Dongfeng engine parts on the market are used, the cylinder head rupture cannot be avoided after long-term use. Next, the engine parts company will introduce to you how to repair the cylinder head.

The first, welding repair method

Welding repair method with high joint strength is the method most recommended by engine parts companies for self-repair. The basis for judging whether this method can be used is to check whether cracks in the cylinder head occur at a location with a higher temperature or a higher force. Welding repair methods can be divided into two types: cold welding and hot welding. Next, engine parts companies will introduce them one by one.

1.Hot welding method

First use a drill to drill small crack-proof holes with appropriate diameters at both ends of the crack, and then gently cut the cylinder head crack into a "V" bevel. Remember the engine with the proper angle and the drill and cut Parts scraps are cleaned up; then choose a shelter from the wind. At this time, the engine parts company reminds the owners to preheat the welded workpieces properly, and use acetylene gas welding to weld the welds when the workpiece temperature is suitable. The long-term practice of the engine parts company has shown that the thermal welding method does not generate large internal stress during welding, which can ensure that the welded parts will not have white mouth and cracks.