What Are The Most Important Cylinder Heads In Engine Parts?2

The second type, V-shaped cylinder head

This type of cylinder head generally has two rows of cylinders. When producing this type of cylinder head, engine component manufacturers will set the angle between the centerline of the left and right rows of cylinders to be less than 180 degrees. cover. Because the height and length of the cylinder itself are shortened during the manufacturing process, engine component manufacturers achieve the purpose and effect of reducing the weight of the engine by increasing the hardness of the cylinder block. The complexity of the shape and the difficulty of processing limit its scope of application. At present, such cylinder heads are more common in cars with more than eight cylinders.

Third, opposed cylinder head

Compared with the second type of cylinder head, the neutral line angle of this type of cylinder head is a flat angle, that is, two rows of cylinders are kept on the same horizontal plane. For engine component manufacturers, because this type of cylinder head with small height is less used, this type of cylinder head will not be produced on a large scale.

With the development of science and technology, more types of automobile cylinder heads will inevitably appear in the field of engine parts. In the future, automotive cylinder heads will definitely have better properties and can withstand larger loads. However, no matter what kind of cylinder heads are used, engine component manufacturers hope that everyone will regularly maintain them to increase their service life.