METAL AP Newspaper Officially Launched In Southeast Asia

In the 21st century, with an actual GDP increasing rate of ASEAN is up to 5.3% at an average, it becomes the fifth economy after USA, China, Japan and Germany. Recent years have witnessed much attention and expectation on ASEAN's manufacturing industry from the whole world. Internationally known auto and electrics & electrical players have frequently invested their production bases in this area. In order to further accelerate development, local governments in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other government have carried out tax or financial incentives to attract investment. There are business chances supported by policy!

Effective and accurate delivery of brand information is a strong booster for market exploring. In order to help enterprises to get more insights about potential chances and reach target customers efficiently,organizer of Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition (METAL AP), on basis of service efforts accumulated for years in ASEAN, officially distributes METAL AP Newspaper since year 2020.