What are the modern core production technologies for aluminum parts?

In addition to some commonly used casting processes, aluminum core casting has another core technology, which is electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting. Such a purification technology that combines aluminum smelting and forming is particularly suitable for complex aluminum parts. Casting has become the modern core technology for producing high-quality aluminum parts.

In the electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting process, the metal melt transmission system has a stable flow, which makes the flow control convenient, and effectively alleviates the problem of reverse aspirating of molten alumina during the process; in addition, it also plays a key role in the automation of the casting process. The role of sex. The new casting process not only improves the casting quality of aluminum parts, but also improves the working environment, reduces labor intensity, and realizes automated and modernized casting production.

Aluminum smelting and composite purification facilities are an important part of the production process of aluminum parts. In addition to gas injection and spin foam ceramic filters, more durable lining materials are used; combined with an independent thermal insulation heating system, it achieves Mass continuous production.

This production process of aluminum parts not only has high purification efficiency, long life, and low cost of molten aluminum, but also the equipment is easy to install and use flexibly. .

Past casting experience tells us that to solve complex problems and ensure the quality of aluminum parts, we can start from three aspects: on the one hand, molten aluminum melting and melting; on the other hand, the smooth transition of molten aluminum metal halides; The aspect is the size and stability of the mold and core. These problems are solved, and aluminum parts with good quality and complex surfaces can be easily cast.