Related facilities for vertical semi-continuous casting of aluminum parts

Special workpieces need to be manufactured by special processes. For example, for various deformed aluminum parts, the production is usually completed by vertical semi-continuous casting process. Compared with the ordinary casting process, the vertical semi-continuous casting of aluminum parts is characterized in that the workpiece is pulled out in a direction perpendicular to the ground.

The successful completion of this process is inseparable from some key casting facilities, which play a vital role in the vertical semi-continuous casting of the entire aluminum part. One of them is the mold and cooling system. It is a vertical semi-continuous casting mold for aluminum parts. You only need to change the size and shape of the mold to cast a variety of different castings.

The mold used to cast square ingots and round ingots is generally made of hard aluminum parts, wrought aluminum parts, or pure aluminum; it is embedded in a water jacket. There are multiple molds in one water jacket to meet the needs of the casting process. . During the casting process, the cooling water first cools the crystallizer, and then is sprayed through the small holes to the surface around the ingot to cool the workpiece.

The cooling water in this process can be recycled in the vertical semi-continuous casting of aluminum parts, but it must be purified and cooled to meet the basic conditions.

A vertical semi-continuous casting facility for aluminum parts is also indispensable with a lifting mechanism and a base. A crystal base is installed on a liftable base platform. There is a cavity or small hole in the center of the upper end of the base, which is mainly used to hold and pull the ingot. Role. It can be found that the lifting mechanism of the base platform can be moved up and down, making the entire casting process more flexible.