Prerequisites for the production of high-quality aluminum parts

We usually come into contact with a variety of parts, and the quality of the parts is different depending on the use. As one of the parts made of aluminum, if it can meet the requirements for use in terms of mechanical properties, geometric shapes, dimensional accuracy, shrinkage, pores, and roughness, it will be qualified.

The production of high-quality aluminum parts has great significance for saving materials, energy, shortening man-hours and improving economic benefits. In order to do this, the designer must first fully understand the user's requirements and working conditions, and the stress of the aluminum parts.

Then select the appropriate material according to the use requirements of the aluminum parts and the working environment, and understand the die-casting properties of the materials. When designing, pay special attention to making the structure of the aluminum parts as simple as possible, and the wall thickness should be appropriate and uniform. And leave the necessary inclination of the mold, otherwise it will cause defects such as pits, pores, shrinkage and undercast pull marks, cracks, deformation on the aluminum parts.

The requirements for the dimensional accuracy of aluminum parts should be reasonable, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble to mold design, mold processing, and establishment and management of process conditions, and will cause a large number of unqualified products and loss. In addition, when manufacturing aluminum parts, if the material used is an alloy, it is necessary to grasp its fluidity.