Impact welding and deposition welding on aluminum parts castings

Many of the workpieces in industrial production are obtained through the casting process of aluminum parts, but the problem here is that such a total amount of gold has not been used for a long time, and it is facing failure. In the final analysis, it should be welded on the surface of the aluminum casting.

1.Explaination of welding problems of castings by aluminum parts foundry manufacturers

This is a relatively common phenomenon, which refers to the reaction between the workpiece and the casting alloy, and the production of complex metal compounds, which adversely affects the surface of the casting. If not removed in time, the service life of the casting will also be reduced.

2.There are several welding forms of aluminum parts castings

There are two main types, one is impact welding and the other is deposition welding. The causes and locations of their formation are different and need to be treated differently.

3.Impact welding on the surface of aluminum parts castings

As far as the mold is concerned, it usually occurs at the entrance or the pouring gate facing the cavity. Because these areas are relatively impacted during filling and the temperature is relatively high, its protective layer is easily damaged , Resulting in the occurrence of defects.

This also shows that it is necessary to remove in time and weld the damaged surface early in the welding of aluminum parts castings, which can reduce the chance of problems.

4.Deposition welding on the surface of aluminum parts castings

This phenomenon usually occurs in areas where the surface of the casting is not properly treated or where the lubricant cannot be reached. When the die-cast alloy reaches these areas, the temperature is still relatively low, so it is easy to solidify, and then surface defects are formed.