Development and evolution of holding furnace used in low-pressure casting of aluminum parts

In the low-pressure casting process such as aluminum parts casting, a holding furnace is bound to be used. After years of development and improvement of this casting equipment, there are many choices for types and styles. There are currently three types used in low pressure casting of aluminum parts.

One type is an iron crucible boiler. Although it is an early-type furnace, it is still widely used because of its simple operation. The iron on this holding furnace will slowly melt as the temperature rises, causing the molten iron content to increase. In order not to affect the low-pressure casting of aluminum parts for normal use, they must be coated regularly. It should also be known that this holding furnace is not suitable for casting of high purity alloys.

Another type is a graphite crucible boiler. Since it cannot directly apply pressure to the graphite crucible, this is a structure that presses the entire furnace. In addition, it has less corrosion, so it can be used continuously for a longer period of time to ensure the precision of low-pressure casting of aluminum parts.

However, it is necessary to use sodium to improve the graphite crucible furnace, but this will seriously shorten the service life of the equipment, which is also the obvious shortcomings of this aluminum parts low pressure casting and holding furnace. Is it OK to make a protective furnace with refractory materials?