Aluminum/Cobalt Chrome/Stainless Steel/Titanium Alloy Industrial Parts Integrated Manufacturing

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1. Why Choose Metal 3D Printing?
The power of metals with additive manufacturing is the ability to produce complex geometries in one fluid build. Dense, corrosive resistant and high strength, we've validated and developed various metal materials for your unique application needs to create metal parts never seen before.

2. Why Choose Us?
- Expertise. Co-founded by Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metal Research and State Key Laboratory of Porous Metal Materials.
- Specialize. 10 sets of powder bed 3D printing equipment, 1 plasma rotating electrode powder making equipment, and 20 sets of metal powder and porous metal analysis and testing equipment.
- Inexpensive. Full service capability with materials, 3D printer and printing services, minimum the printing costs.

3. What Material Can We Printing?
Aluminum- Low weight
- Good strength and thermal properties
- Flexible post-processing possibilities
Automotive, Racing
Titanium- Very low specific weight
- Corrosion-resistant
- Biocompatible
- The strongest 3D printing material we offer
Aerospace, Motorsport Racing
Stainless Steel- Good corrosion resistance
- Significant level of detail and strength
- Contains Nickel
Prototype / Production Parts / Engineering Applications
Cobalt Chrome- High Temperature ResistanceTurbines & Engine Parts

4. What's The Process?
Contact Us > Provide Model & Select Material > Evaluation & Quote > Printing & Post-processing > Send Out