Aluminium parts casting technology is again new

There have been technology introductions in the casting field. For aluminum parts casting, there are many more technologies, such as vacuum die casting technology, oxygen-filled die casting technology, semi-solid die casting technology, extrusion die casting technology, electromagnetic pump low pressure casting technology, etc. Provides more options for casting higher quality castings.

The implementation of the vacuum die-casting method for the casting of aluminum parts requires the gas in the cavity to be evacuated or partially evacuated, and the air pressure in the cavity to be reduced to facilitate filling and exhausting the gas in the alloy melt, so that the alloy melt under pressure The cavity is filled under the action and solidified under pressure to obtain a dense die casting.

Since some technologies need to be evacuated, there are also aluminum parts casting technologies that require oxygenation, so that oxygen reacts with active metals to form solid oxides, and the oxygen is filled into the cavity before casting in order to replace the air in it .

Semi-solid die casting in the casting of aluminum parts is a technology for forming slurry by die casting. When the liquid metal is solidified, it is stirred to obtain a slurry with a solid phase component of about 50% or higher at a certain cooling rate. Get the required casting.