4 Cylinder Auto Cylinder Head

A four-cylinder engine, also known as an engine, is a machine that converts one form of energy into another, more useful one.Usually chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.Sometimes an engine can be applied to either a power generator or an entire machine including a power plant, such as a gasoline engine or an aeroengine.The main part of the engine is the cylinder, which is the power source of the whole car.

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engine parameter -- engine displacement

Let's take a look at the most common engine parameter -- engine displacement.Engine displacement is the sum of the working volume of each cylinder of the engine, generally expressed by liter (L).The cylinder working volume is the volume of gas swept by the piston from top to bottom, also known as the single cylinder displacement, which depends on the cylinder diameter and piston stroke.Engine displacement is a very important engine parameter, which is more representative of engine size than cylinder diameter and cylinder number. Many indicators of an engine are closely related to exhaust volume.Generally speaking, the larger the displacement, the greater the output power of the engine.

Now that we know the displacement, let's look at other common engine parameters.A lot of junior car friends are often reflected in the car data engine a column to see "L4", "V6", "V8", "W12" and other words, want to understand what it means.These are the engine cylinder arrangement and the number of cylinders.There are 3 cylinders, 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders, 8 cylinders, 10 cylinders, 12 cylinders and so on.

In general, engines with displacement of less than 1 litre are usually three cylinders, such as the 0.8 litre Alto and Fryer sedans.The displacement of 1 to 2.5 liters is usually 4 cylinder engine, common economy car and mid-range car engine is basically 4 cylinder.Engines of around three liters are typically six cylinders, such as the 3.0-liter Regal and New Accord sedans.









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